Eva Duskova with her mother Marketa Freyova

In this photo I'm with my mother, Marketa Freyova. It was probably taken around 1938 in Litomysl. I don't remember anything else about this photo. It was most likely taken by my father, Viktor Frey. As far as disposition goes, my father was always very democratic. My mother had to take care of me daily from morning to evening, so she had to be stricter, right? She didn't hesitate to give me a slap now and again, while my father was more dear to me, because he sometimes came home only for the weekend. And then he would very much devote himself to me. I only got one slap from him, and that only when I was already very unruly and tore his shirt on him. My father liked to take pictures - I've inherited that from him - my mother, I think, didn't concern herself with photography. I also think that I, the same as they, like to travel. Otherwise I always admired my father's wise, serene disposition, while my mother was rather more hot-tempered, which I didn't like, I had a hard time with it.