Eva Duskova in a folk costume from Kyjov

This photo was taken around the year 1936, probably on some outing, on some occasion, but I don't know anything else. I'm wearing a Kyjov folk costume, but how I came to be wearing it, I don't know. Perhaps I inherited it from some relatives from Zamberk. Grandmother Irma Fingerova's youngest son was Uncle Karel, they used to call him Karilek. He lived with his sister Olga - she was the youngest daughter - in Zamberk, where they had some sort of textile factory. They lived there on one piece of property, in neighboring buildings. Uncle Karel was married and had a son, Frantisek, who was much younger than I. They used to call him Ata. Olga had three daughters - Vlasta, Vera and Eva. At his work my father, Viktor Frey, had the use of a company car, so we made plentiful use of it and used to go on various trips. Not only to Brno, but also to Zamberk and so on, we varied it a lot. Or we'd go on various hiking trips in the immediate region with my father's friends. On those occasions we'd always go to this special pub and there my parents would order beer and Olomouc 'stinky' cheese. But of course we also went and visited historical landmarks. We also traveled abroad, to Crikvenica, Yugoslavia. That was in 1936. I remember that I learned to swim there - what's more I was by the sea for the first time - and that I got tonsillitis there. And that I wanted to make clothes for my dolls and my mother had only a pair of manicure scissors with her.