Eva Duskova with her father Viktor Frey

In this photo I'm with my father, Viktor Frey, probably in 1938. The picture was taken in front of the gazebo in the garden - it stood to the right of the house. Later the Communists tore the gazebo down. I don't remember anything else about this photo, not even who took it. My father was never in the army, and this was due to health reasons: he had flat feet. After graduating from university he at first worked as an assistant at a technical school, because he had done very well and graduated very early. But when he decided to get married, he tried to find some better-paying position. And so he transferred to Skoda in Pilsen. There he worked as a mechanical engineer. Apparently he had some sort of project that he wanted to patent, and they wanted to buy it from him. But my father didn't want to sell it to them, so they got angry at him and fired him. Whereupon my father looked for work for about six weeks. After six weeks someone found him a job in a steel works by the name of Isteg, in Most - apparently it doesn't exist any more. There he represented the steel works for the entire country, except for Prague, for which there was a separate representative.