Eva Duskova and Scouts from Litomysl

This photograph is most likely from the Scouts in 1948. On the left is my classmate, and I still meet up with the one beside her. Whenever I come to Litomysl, I go see them. Where the photograph was taken, I really don't know. We used to go on camping trips with our Scout troop, and not only around Litomysl. In 1949 we were for example in the Svatojanska Valley in Slovakia. There are girls and boy scouts. The way it worked was that the boys built the camp and were there for the first 14 days. We would then take their place and then take the camp apart. I liked going there, there were girls that I felt close to, the spirit of scouting was close to my heart, basically it was a good gang. I began going there in 1947 during summer vacation. In 1949, after summer vacation, the Scouts were unfortunately disbanded.