Anita Frankova with schoolmates

This is a group photo, taken at the end of the first grade. It was the 1936/1937 school year. Our elementary school was an all-girls school. Standing in the back row, sixth from the left, is my friend Anita Frankova, at that time still named Fisherova.

Besides Anita I also to this day keep in touch with other classmates, for example with the one second from the right, in the two-tone dress. That's Bozenka. Her parents were these very simple people, but of very precious character, they used to send my classmate, Bozenka, to our house to play with me even during the war, when we weren't supposed to associate with non-Jews. Her parents simply told her: 'If you were friends with Eva before, you have to be friends with her again.' And she really did come over to our place, up until we left. After the war we met up again in high school in the same class, and we're friends to this day. When I go to Litomysl, we visit each other.

The one up above, second from the left, she lives in Switzerland. But some of them still live in Litomysl. We used to have elementary school reunions, and maybe they still do to this day, always every five years or so. However, they had them together with council school, and there I didn't know most of the girls any more. So that's why it stopped being interesting for me, and I only go to high school reunions. Those we have every year. Originally we had them every five years, then every three years, and now every year. This year fourteen of about twenty-six met up. About four of us come from Prague, some from Moravia, some stayed in Litomysl.