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From the left: My older sister Mireille’s daughters Pupu (Emel) and Dolly (Ezel), my older daughter Ester Ethel Hepari, second daughter Brigitte Yaman, my younger sister Gracia’s daughter Jessie and son Fredi, and in front Brigitte’s son Cem Yaman.. I probably took the picture since I cannot be seen. My second older sister Mireille (Meri) was born in 1914. After finishing Haydarpasha Jewish highschool's junior high department, she continued in the American Constantinople College (American Girls' Highschool) and was married in the Zülfaris Synagogue to Robert Güzelbahar in 1933, she had two daughters. Ezel who we call Dolly, and Emel who we call Pupu. Both of them are graduates of the American College like their mother. Emel(Pupu) married a doctor, Paul Glicsman inNew York. Her husband died, she continues her life in New York. Currently she is the mother of three daughters. Ezel (Dolly)'s husband's name is Morill Cole. He is an attorney in New York. His father David Cole has a 30-member law firm and was a legal consultant to President Nixon. We lost Ezel Dolly Cole in 2000 suddently because of breast cancer. She was so vivacious yet she died within 1-2 months. When she died she was 65 years old. She was the mother of two, one girl and one boy. My sister Gracia was born in 1919 in Istanbul Haydarpasha. They gave her the name of my father's daughter from his first wife who died at the age of 9. She is a graduate of the Jewish Highschool in1930 and Burgerschule (German Highschool) in 1937. She lived in Paris for a long time and in Milan in Italy. In 1939 she married Hayim Salmona, and in addition to Turkish, speaks Spanish, French, German and Italian, Gracia has a son named Güner Freddy and a daughter named Jessie. Jessie lives in Istanbul with her mother. Freddy is married with a Jewish girl in Italy, he had two children. He separated from his wife and came to Turkey. His children stayed in Italy. He is now married to a Muslim lady. His new wife can be an example to all, she is a very good wife.

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Naim Güleryüz
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Istanbul, Turkey


Emel(Pupu) Glicsman
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New York
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