Aron Anjel 1 year old

I was born on June 1916 in the Haydarpasha neighborhood of Istanbul. My father was late in obtaining my identification card, therefore on my ID card and consequently on official papers my birthday shows as August 1st. But the year is the same: 1916. I am the third child in a four sibling family and the only son. I was given the name Aron which is my paternal grandfather's name according to traditions and Henri was also added because of the effect of French culture. The family of my maternal grandmother gave me the nickname Nino because they are of Italian descent and called me like that. I started to use the name Aron only in 1934 after enrolling in the Engineering Faculty. I had a very active education period. I started primary school in Ortaköy Jewish primary school. A year later I was enrolled in the elementary school of the Jewish highschool that was founded by Dr. David Marküs [1870-1944] who was the principal and who my mother knew well and I got my elementary school diploma in June of 1926. I continued my education in middle school for seven years again in the Jewish highschool. But the last year I also attended Galatasaray Lisesi(highschool) [founded by Sultan II.Bayezid in 1481 and still continues in the field of education successfully] and obtained my highschool diploma from the Jewish highschool and my baccalaureate from Galatasaray in 1932. I passed the entrance exam and enrolled in the Engineering Faculty and graduated in 1937. I obtained my diploma from "Universite de Paris, Facultés de Droit et des Lettres Institut d'Urbanisme" (University of Paris, Faculty of Rules and Regulations, the Urban Institute) on June 8th,1940 Saturday, and my diploma from "Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture de Paris" (The Special Architecture School of Paris) as saludatorian on June 10th, 1940 Monday. Within two days of each other.

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Aron Anjel