Bella and Paul Latscha

Bella and Paul Latscha at a ski resort in Switzerland on New Year’s 1955 My older sister Bella was born in 1912 in Istanbul Haydarpasha. In 1930 she graduated from The Jewish Highschool and after studying for one year in the Istanbul Medical School, was enrolled in the Lausanne Medical School. She obtained the specialty of cardiology from the Paris Medical school after graduation. She became an academic in the famous Cardiac specialty hospital, Hopital Brousset, was honored with the distinction of Legion d'Honneur. Bella who spoke French, English and Spanish as well as Turkish and who was a university professor, married Paul Latscha and had three daughters. She died in 1980 after a sudden cardiac infarction. One of her daughters, Marie-Therese became a cardiac specialist like her mom. She is married to Bernard Guillaneuf and lives in Paris. Another daughter, Beatrice also studied medicine and specialized in kidney diseases and became a researcher, she represented France in various international lectures for years. Dr. Beatrice Latscha-Descamps who lives in Paris,was honored with the Legion d'Honneur medal by the president of France because of her contributions to medical research. In this way, mother and daughter, they both earned the Legion d'Honneur. My sister's third daughter Muriel is a graduate of the Paris University Economy Faculty and has been the head of the Charles de Gaulle airport's economic department. She is married to François Signorino and also lives in Paris.