Reunion of former prisoners of the Sered labor camp

Reunion of former prisoners of the Sered labor camp
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    Tel Aviv-Yaffo
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This photograph shows a reunion of former prisoners of the Sered labor camp in Tel Aviv in the year 1964. The Sered camp is in itself one broad topic for discussion, in any case, my father became the chairman of the Jewish Council there. He got this position before the end of the transports to Auschwitz [on 20th October 1942, the last transport left the territory of the Slovak State. According to available sources, in 1942 around 58,000 Jews were deported from the Slovak State, so about 65% of Jewish souls that inhabited the territory of Slovakia on the eve of the deportations. The deportations were on hold up to the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising, on 20th August 1944. After the suppression of the uprising they were renewed once again, with the difference that they were no longer governed by Slovak but by German authorities - Editor's note] and was chairman of the Jewish Council at a time when life was easier.

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Interviewee: Abraham Pressburger
Martin Korcok
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Omer, Israel

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