Abraham Pressburger and family

This photograph was taken around the year 1931 in Bratislava. From left to right it shows my mother, Frida Pressburger, me, my cousin Emil and my sister Lucy Arimovicz. My cousin Emil was the son of my father's sister Janka, I don't know their family name. They lived in Vienna. When Hitler came to Austria, they escaped to Belgium. Emil survived and then lived in the USA. His parents didn't survive the war. My mother's family, just like me, we're tied to the city of Bratislava. I more or less know my mother's family history from the second half of the 19th century. My grandfather and grandmother on my mother's side were born in Bratislava. I would say that the Bratislava family was more modern than the one from Galanta. The education of my mother's siblings was more worldly, not religious and higher than that of those from Galanta in this respect. My mother, who was born in the year 1898 finished high school, and as a pretty young girl - she was very pretty - was a secretary at the company ?Kann und Stahler.? I was born in Bratislava, on Panenska Street, if I'm not mistaken it was number 17. I was the second, the middle, of three children. All three children were born at home and not in a hospital. When I was six, we moved to Spitalska Street, close to Marianska Street, into a four-story building.