Frida and Alexander Pressburger in Karlovy Vary

These are my parents, Frida and Alexander Pressburger in Karlovy Vary in 1948. After the war, as soon as my parents returned they lived in one small apartment, at first they rented a room in a hotel and Joint gave them money for it, and then they found some small apartment in the Old Town, and then they found quite a nice apartment on Rybne Namesti, a large apartment, several rooms. In fact they started to run a business in part of the apartment, from which they then lived, the whole family. My sister, her boyfriend and my parents. My father continued being publicly active. Immediately after the war, he and Rabbi Frieder and Dr. Winterstein went to see the president, Dr. Benes as a delegation of Jews that had returned. Benes told them that he would help in having their property returned. But at that time he requested for Jews to not speak German in public, because there was a severe anti-German mood. After a certain time my father even became the head of the Jewish religious community in Bratislava, for a short time. Then he resigned, because he wanted to devote himself to business. He stayed in the Jewish religious community committee and very actively participated in public life. Their economic situation was good. The business was going very well. They went on vacations to Karlovy Vary and lived very well after the war, both my parents and my sister. I remained living on my own..