The funeral of Egon Roth

This photograph shows the funeral of Egon Roth. I am the first on the left. I didn't know Egon Roth personally. He belonged to an older generation. The young people in Hashomer Hatzair were divided up into generations. The difference between generations was usually four years. During the Slovak National Uprising he was in Banska Bystrica, to which came one Israeli female parachutist by the name of Chaviva Reich. After the suppression of the uprising they were in the mountains around the town. When the Germans found out where they were, they attacked and slaughtered them. Only one member of the group survived. The Germans shot him and thought that he was dead. So they left him lying there. This is how some farmers found him, and they took him to a hospital. At the hospital they amputated both of his legs. After the war he came to Israel and the Israeli government paid for his medical school. With his artificial legs, he then worked as a doctor in Switzerland, where he lived from the 1950s.