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This is Reli Broder. Her mother, Toni Broder, was a first-degree cousin of my mother's.

My maternal grandfather had a brother whose name was Schechter. My grandfather's name was Soifer, the other's name was Schechter - that's how the registrar's office worked back then. And they were brothers. My grandfather's brother lived in Dorohoi. I can tell you that he attended the synagogue on a regular basis, he was learned in the field of religion. He didn't have a position at the synagogue, but he was known as a learned man. And in his youth he traded timber from the woods together with his brother, my grandfather. He died long before World War II, and is buried in Dorohoi. He had several children: there was Sura, Simcu, Toni, Clara, Aron, and Saie. The name of my mother's cousin, Toni, changed into Broder after she married. She didn't have a job, she was a housewife, and her husband was a Party activist [The Romanian Communist Party] - I think he held a high position in the party, since they helped them to leave Dorohoi and settle in Bucharest. They had an only daughter, Reli; she went to Israel together with her mother, I think, and married a doctor or something like that - I don't know their family name. They live in Hadera.

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Interviewee: Sura Milstein
Emoke Major
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Botosani, Romania


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