Zeli Suliteanu

Zeli Suliteanu


This is Zeli Suliteanu from Bucharest. She is the sister of the wife of a first-degree cousin of my mother's - I forget his name, that's all I know, that he was the son of my grandmother Basea Soifer's sister from my mother's side; he was a physician in Bucharest. His sister-in-law, Zeli Suliteanu, was a folklorist, she worked at the Folklore Institute. I know she too is very old at present - probably assisted by the Jewish Community in Bucharest. We no longer keep in touch, we don't even call each other on the phone, but I believe she is still alive. I read the Jewish Reality, and I find out about any demise there is. [Ed. note: The Jewish Reality is a magazine of the Jewish minority in Romania, which was issued between 1956 and 1995 under the name of 'The Magazine of the Mosaic Cult,' and under the name of 'The Jewish Reality' after 1995. It includes articles related to the social and cultural life of the community and it comprises a page in English and one in Ivrit.]

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