Sura Milstein with a classmate Laura Segal


This is me, Sura Milstein, the one on the right, with Laura Segal, a classmate from high school, at a school festivity, wearing traditional Romanian outfits. The photograph was taken in Dorohoi, I'm approximately 15, so it was around 1937.

I went to school in Dorohoi. I started attending primary school when I was 6 - in 1928. There was also a Jewish school - but no high school -, yet my parents enlisted me at a state school. I studied for 4 years there, then I completed 8 years of high school in Dorohoi, at the State High School 'Queen Mary.'

I graduated high school in 1940. That was the last year when Jewish people could attend state schools, and starting with the fall of 1940 it was no longer possible. But Jews founded a Jewish high school. They brought 2 unemployed Jewish teachers from Siret and a Jewish girl from Bucecea itself, who had a degree in French and was unemployed, too; they also brought a few lawyers knowledgeable about teaching who filled the remaining departments. And they purchased school manuals - as long as they could find them - and that high school was in existence until I don't know when, for we were deported in the meantime, in 1941. The high school kept providing education for the children and parents that were left there.



Sura Milstein