Malvina Friedmannova

Malvina Friedmannova
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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This is a photo of my sister Malvina, or Manci Friedmannova, taken in Presov in the 1930s. She was very cute. It is not that evident on the photo, but she had blue eyes and dark hair and I really liked her. Manci was born in 1920 in Presov. She graduated from a high school, then we stopped going to school because of the anti-Jewish measures, I went to work for a wood-seller, who was Jewish and for whom my sister was also supposed to work. But my father sent me without her and Manci stayed home because my father was always worried about her, since she was so beautiful. Manci went to the gas chamber with my parents in Treblinka. It makes me cry when I remember what a cute little thing she was, with those blue eyes and dark hair. I really loved her. Sometimes I think of her, even today, when I see her friend Katka Hexnerova, nee Grossova, who lives in Kosice now.

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Interviewee: Matilda Hrabovecka
Bratislava, Slovakia


Malvina Friedmannova
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