Hanna We in her apartment

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    Joanna Fikus

This is me in my apartment. This picture was taken by Joanna Fikus during my interview for Centropa in February 2005. On the wall, you can see a picture which was painted by my daughter-in-law, Beata.

After 1989 I didn't try to contact any Jewish organizations. I don't belong to the 'Children of the Holocaust'. Although through someone I do have some contact with them. I even thought about going on the trips they organize once, but I decided not to. I'm not attracted to that circle. And certainly not to religion. But with age, in one's old age, that contact is perhaps a little closer than when one is young. That's a general thing, that's just how it is.

I suspect that the prospects for Jewish life in Poland are remote, because there are very few people. There's the 'Children of the Holocaust' association, they stick together, and there are individual activists - Warszawski, Krajewski. It even surprises me somewhat that they are so religious. It's an old religion; it's all so old-fashioned to me. If one wants to emphasize one's Judaism one can go to Israel and you don't have to be religious at all. Just the opposite - you can be a rebel. But if you are in that country, Israel, it makes some sense. But here in Poland - no, there's no point being Jewish. It repels me; I have no affinity with the religion, the traditions.

In spite of my age I still work part-time at the Institute of Psychology and Neurology in Warsaw. I meet friends, and do sports. Yesterday I played tennis, though I didn't learn as a child, so I don't play very well. I ski. This winter I went to the Alps. I also canoe. I see my son once a year. He said recently that I should go visit them twice a year, because I'm too old now for us only to see each other once a year.

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Interviewee: Hanna We
Warsaw, Poland


Hanna We
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Unskilled labor, biochemist
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    Cohn (or Kon)
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