Anna Mrazkova in her apartment

Anna Mrazkova in her apartment
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    Czech Republic
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    Czech Republic
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    Dagmar Greslova
In this picture I?m holding my Sokol garland, which I wore while exercising at the all-Sokol Slet [Rally]. I attended Sokol from the age of three, my father used to attend it as well, and when my sister Eva was born, they also had her registered at about the age of three. I liked Sokol a lot, but later we stopped going there, so as not to endanger the rest of the Sokol members by associating with them. I exercised together with my father at the last pre-war all-Sokol Slet at the Strahov Stadium in 1938. To this day, I've still got the garland that I had on my head back then! The last rally was very nice, I've got beautiful memories of it. The atmosphere was pleasant, and none of us back then wanted to admit that things would soon so drastically change for the worse, that Munich and the war would come. To this day, I attend various memorial events, and my friends and I always have a laugh. When I realize that at our age we're all so optimistic and full of humor, I have the feeling that that Hitler fellow conserved us, whether he didn't on the one hand benefit us in the end. Sometimes I say to myself, that I've lived through so many illnesses, a heart attack, two cancer operations, a war, that maybe I'll never die, illnesses are afraid of people like that! I'm lucky to be an optimist.

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Interviewee: Anna Mrazkova
Dagmar Greslova
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Prague, Czech Republic


Anna Mrazkova
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Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
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