Anna Mrazkova at a Purim celebration

This is a picture from celebrations of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which took place right after the war at the Jewish community in Prague. Standing in the upper row at the left is my sister Eva Liskova [nee Polakova], I?m in the middle, beside her. Sitting in the bottom row on the right is our cousin Erika Alterova, who spent the war in England. In England Erika, wanted to join the Czechoslovak Army, but as they didn't take women she joined the English one. She learned perfect English, so even native Englishmen couldn't understand why it said in her passport that she was a Czechoslovak citizen, they couldn't believe that she wasn't a native Englishwoman. The girl sitting at the bottom left is Gita. The girl at the top right was named Rezka. My mother brought Gita and Rezka back from the concentration camp with her. She took them to Luze with her because the girls had lost their families. They were with us until they put their personal affairs in order; my mother was this substitute mother for them. They were both young, at the end of the war they were barely sixteen, so it's a wonder that they survived the war at all. On the way home my mother had been taking care of one more girl, but one Jewish doctor, a general of the Red Army, upon finding out what had happened to her, took her home with him to the Soviet Union, where this girl married his son.