Anna Polakova's report card

This is my report card from third year of the Czechoslovak State High School in Vysoke Myto, where I took third and fourth year (1938/1939 and 1939/1940), until Hitler forbade Jews to study. But I have to admit that I was actually glad, because I didn't like studying too much. School was my number one enemy! So then for a year I studied to be a seamstress, but then even that wasn't possible, I could only be there on the sly, the lady in charge became afraid that she could have problems if she kept me on as a student. So a friend of my father's who was a tailor took me on. However it then began to be dangerous for him, too, he was afraid, so I left. So then I was at home, and sewed various bags, and then when the transports began I sewed various bedcovers, embroidered blankets, everything that could come in handy for us. But it was only for us or for friends, so for free, as I was no longer allowed to be employed anywhere.