Andras Ormos, Aleksandar Necak’s grandmother’s brother, with his friends

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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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This is Andras Ormos, my grandmother’s brother. He is posing around the table with his male friends. The photo was probably taken in Budapest, during his studies at the Budapest University between 1915 and 1920. 

Andras was the son of Moric and Sirina Bergel. Moric was a wheat trader in Senta who had his own mill and bakery. At the time there were laws forbidding Jews from owning land so he did not own any wheat fields. He was known to be very witty, constantly pulling practical jokes some of which had severe effects. While he was a prankster, he certainly was not a traveler. He did not like to travel and rarely left Senta. Great-grandfather's wife Sirina [nee Stajnfeld] was born in Slavonia and at some point moved to Senta. She was much more observant than he, who was always looking for a way to avoid religious practice and observance. 

Andras studied pharmacology in Budapest from 1915-1920. During that time he changed his family name from Bergel to Ormos, ostensibly to improve his professional and academic position while in Hungary. He also met his future wife, Suzana Halpert, in Budapest. She was from a Hungarian Jewish family but moved to Senta with Andras after he completed his studies. Andras had his own pharmacy in Senta, where he worked until he was deported. When he and Suzana were captured he brought with him a vial of poison, which they both ingested on the way to Auschwitz. 

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Interviewee: Aleksandar Necak
Rachel Chanin
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Belgrade, Serbia


Andras Ormos
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