Klara Rotmiler, Aleksandar Necak’s mother childhood friend, in Argentina

The Rotmiler family in front of their summer home in Argentina. From left to right are: Marko, Klara, Mirna, Vivian and Inesita.

Klara Rotmiler (nee Donat) was a childhood friend of my mother. She was born in Senta. She was religious and when she used to come to Belgrade for visits she would always have her prayerbook with her. Her husband Marko was born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. He was an industrialist and had a textile factory in Argentina. 

The Rotmilers moved to Argentina in 1937 with their oldest daughter Mirna. The other two daughters were born in Argentina afterwards.Mirna is a professor of English in Argentina. She married a Jewish man called Kugelmas who inherited her father’s business. Vivian works as an architect in Buenos Aires. Inesita, the youngest daughter, works as a psychiatrist. She fled Argentina during the junta and now lives in Australia.

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