Suzana Ormos, the wife of Aleksandar Necak’s grandmother’s brother Andreas Ormos. with friends

My grandmother’s brother’s wife Suzana Ormos with friends from Senta on holiday in Rome in 1930. From left to right are: Suzana Ormos, Rosetta and Silvija Deutsch.  

Suzana Ormos’s husband Andras studied pharmacology in Budapest from 1915-1920. During that time he changed his family name from Bergel to Ormos, ostensibly to improve his professional and academic position while in Hungary. He met Suzana in Budapest. She was from a Hungarian Jewish family but moved to Senta with Andras after he completed his studies. Andras had his own pharmacy in Senta, where he worked until he was deported. When he and Suzana were captured he brought with him a vial of poison, which they both ingested on the way to Auschwitz. 

The Deutsch family lived next door to my mother’s family in Senta. There were three children there: Rosetta, Jovan and Viktor - they were all friends of my mother Dusanka. Silvija Deutsch was their mother. She was killed in Auschwitz. 

In 1932 Rosetta married a wealthy Hungarian Jew called Gorog. After their wedding they went to live in London where they remained until their deaths. Rosetta and her husband had a son Eddie. 


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