Aleksandar Necak’s grandfather Kalman Hacker

My grandfather Kalman Hacker is pictured. The photo was taken in Senta in 1928, a year or so before his death.

My grandfather was from Senta like my grandmother. They were two opposite personalities but, according to my mother, they had a good relationship. Grandmother was always traveling and going to parties whereas grandfather was much more sedate and studious. Grandfather came from a very poor family. His family was too poor to pay for his studies and he received a scholarship form a Catholic organization in Szeged [Hungary]. They financed both his bachelor's degree and his doctorate in Berlin but did not make any religious pressure on him. After finishing his doctorate he returned to Senta where he taught Greek and Latin in a local gymnasium. He spent his life close to his books and was not interested in traveling. Grandmother took after her father, Moric, who was not religious whereas grandfather was traditional in his religious practices. He went to synagogue and observed some of the traditional practices and was an active member of the Neolog community. Grandfather died young, at the age of 51, on December 2, 1929 and is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Senta.  


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