Wrapper from a parcel sent to Terezin

These are the remnants of a package sent to Terezin for Karel Pollak (Aeltestenrat der Juden - Jewish Council of Elders) from Lisbon, Portugal - de Conservas de Peixe [the text in Portuguese: de Conservas de Peixe, or ?of cans of fish?, the first part of which is obscured, indicates that the package was probably sent by a fish canning factory or organization - Editor's note]. After the war, my husband brought back many such wartime mementoes from Terezin. The entire time in Terezin, I worked in agriculture, in the so-called ?Landwirtschaft.? We?d always assemble, and initially we used to go to Crete [an area beyond the ghetto's borders] to hoe carrots, thin out beets, cultivate tomatoes, shuck beans and all sorts of other things. In the winter we made straw mats for greenhouses. Once in Crete I was hoeing carrots, and found a buried bundle of money! And it was a lot of money, in Reichsmarks! I told my friend Hanka, with whom I worked, and we split the money in half. The next day Hanka came and told me that she couldn't keep the money, that her family was afraid. You see, her brother-in-law worked for the Terezin staff, and she was afraid that if it was discovered that we?d found money and kept it, her brother-in-law could have problems. I then came home and told my mother that Hanka had returned the money to me. My mother told me: ?If Hanka won?t keep it, neither will you!? The next day Hanka and I went to hand in the money to the ?Landwirtschaft" where two brothers, Tonda and Vilda Bisic were in charge. They must have thought we were crazy for not keeping it, but what could they do. Vilda wrote up a protocol, that we?d handed it in.