Opera ticket from Terezin

This is a ticket for a cultural event in Terezin on 21st April 1945. Before I left for Auschwitz, I also took part in Terezin's cultural life. I sang for Rafael Schächter in "The Bartered Bride" in "The Kiss" in "The Czech Song" and in the ?Requiem? by Giuseppe Verdi. Initially we practiced in a cellar, where the piano was. We were organized by voice, and got parts that someone was rewriting. The National Artist Karel Berman would come to sing the solo bass parts, later he picked fifteen girls, among them also me, and with him we prepared the opera ?Lumpacivagabundus? and the ?Moravian Duets.? We sang in attics and in our spare time, as well as in the gymnasium of the former Sokol Hall. I also saw Hans Krasa's ?Brundibar" the kid that played the role of Pepicek, used to come over and helped Schächter turn the pages of the notes.