Berta Ledererova

This is my father's sister, Berta Ledererova, in a picture from 1909. Berta got married and had two children, Karel and Anna. Berta was born from my grandfather's second marriage. My grandfather on my father's side, Simon Weiner, son of Moses and Ludmila Weiner, died before I was born, so I don?t remember him. Grandma Frantiska Weiner, daughter of Simon and Terezie Lederer, died even earlier than Grandpa Simon. After Grandma died, Grandpa married her sister. My grandfather's second wife lived in Prague on Stepanska Street; I remember that when it was her birthday, I used to always go to recite poems to her, and she?d also occasionally give me a five-crown piece. My father, Alfred Weiner, was born from Grandpa's first marriage, from which he had siblings Hedvika, Zofie and Marie. Born from Grandpa's second marriage were Ida, Erna, Berta, Anna and Emil. Uncle Viktor Weiner lived in Pacov with this wife Marie and his daughters Elsa and Hana.