The wedding photo of Venezia Kamhi’s parents

This is a wedding photo of the parents of my wife Venezia Kamhi, nee Konorti. It was taken in Sofia in 1922. The newly-weds, Regina and Avram Konorti, are in the middle. On the left are Buko Lazar, the brother of the bride, and his wife. He had a grocery store in Sofia. To the right are Matilda Miuhas, the sister of the bride, and Baruh Konorti, the brother of the groom. The family of my wife's mother came to Sofia from Kyustendil at the beginning of the 20th century. They were in the retail business. Buko Lazar was the head of the family. Matilda Miuhas looked after my wife when her mother left for Israel in 1948. Later when we were already married, she continued to help us and thanks to her our daughter Beti learned Ladino. I met my wife Venezia Kamhi in Kyustendil. She was also interned with her family. We went out in the same company. We gathered in the Jewish school in town and had a great time. We married in 1950. My wife is of Jewish origin. My generation of Jews was brought up to sympathize with our fellow men in Israel. She was born in Sofia, but her parents are from Kyustendil. Her family was more religious than ours. Her paternal grandfather was very religious and read books in classical Hebrew. Her parents knew many songs in Ladino. My wife also knows some very nice songs in Ladino.