The wedding photo of Josif Kamhi’s parents Albert and Berta Kamhi

This is the wedding photo of my parents, Albert and Berta Kamhi. It was taken in Sofia in 1921. They are in the center of the photo. My mother's father was Josif Kohen and he is sitting in front of my mother. Next to him on the left is my maternal grandmother, Rebeka Koen. To the right of my father is a woman I do not know, next to her is uncle Nissim, who is my mother's brother. He had a factory. My father's sisters Adela and Matilda are sitting on the left. First on the right is Liza Varsano, who was my mother's sister. Next to her is her husband. They had an ironware store. My paternal grandmother is third from right to left, but I know nothing about her. First from left to right in the first row is my father's brother - Uncle Sami. Next to him are the children of Uncle Bohor, who was my mother's eldest brother.