Josif Kamhi with his father Albert Kamhi in front of his butcher’s shop

This is a photo from my early childhood, when my father had a butcher's. The photo was taken in Sofia, on Pozitano Street, in 1930. On the photo I and my father Albert Kamhi are on the left and to the right is the neighbor of my father's store, who sold vegetables and whose name was Kolyo. Here you can see how my father sold the meet. There was a fridge inside. He worked with an apron. Unfortunately he went bankrupt shortly after that. My grandfather Perets Kamhi had a butcher’s, which he probably passed on to my father. It was on Klementina Blvd, present-day Stamboliiski Blvd and on Paisii Street. I do not remember if they sold kosher meat. My father was forced to move from that store, because he had only rented it. Another butcher took the store, probably by offering higher rent. He continued selling meat and working with the customers that my father had attracted. My father opened another butcher’s but it was further away from the center and he did not have so many clients. So he went bankrupt. That happened around 1940. He started work in a factory processing leather. Before he went bankrupt, my father earned good money. When he moved the shop, our financial situation worsened. At that time we also had to pay a big sum every month as installment for our new apartment. We managed to pay all the installments by 9th September 1944.