Josif Kamhi as a member of the United Youth Organization of Secondary Students

This is a photo of the United Youth Organization of Secondary Students. It was taken in 1945 at a students' camp in the mountains during the vacation. I am standing on the headlight of the truck on the right. The goal of the organization was for students to help each other. At first I taught classes in maths at the UYW club and then we were given some rooms in the school itself. The students who had poor marks in a given subjects could come to our classes. Many of them came, especially from the fourth grade. In 1946, I graduated from high school and started studying in the Polytechnic. My sister Donka started work as a typist. My father once again started work as a butcher. He retired in this job. I met my wife, Venezia Kamhi, nee Konorti, in Kyustendil. She was also interned with her family. We went out in the same company. We gathered in the Jewish school in town and had a great time. We married in 1950. I was still a student then. In 1951 I wrote my diploma and a year later I graduated. My diploma was on secondary connotation of a post station. That means distant management and protection of the high voltage of thermo-electric power plants.