Wacek Kornblum’s father Szlomo Kornblum with his brother Mosze

This is the picture of my father Szlomo Kornblum with his brother Mosze, still in the traditional Jewish costumes. As far as I know it was taken on my father’s bar mitzvah, so he is 13 years old here.

My father, Szlomo Kornblum, born in 1894, was a writer, he used to write in Yiddish. 

Father's family was a large family, where several generations came from Powazki near Warsaw. Father's parents must have been religious, whereas all Father's sisters and Father were not. 

Father's older brother, Mosze, went to Paris at the beginning of the 1920s, along with his wife, who had a family there. 

In the ghetto, when my parents realized we would most likely be separated Dad wrote down the address of his brother in America and I put the piece of paper with this address on it into my wallet that Dad made for me.

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