Wacek Kornblum’s brother’s granddaughters Noa and Asaf

This is the photo of my brother’s grandchildren, Noa and Asaf Doron, Dafna’s children.  

Wladek's wife's name is Lina. She's also from Warsaw, went through the occupation and the ghetto. They have two daughters: Dafna and Anat. Anat is in London, Dafna lives in Tel Aviv. 

After the war Wladek wanted to hear nothing of Judaism. He was shouting he wasn't a Jew. I wanted to bring him to an orphanage in Otwock. The orphanage was right next to a health resort. The manager of the orphanage was a wife of a deceased Bund activist, Bielicka. Emissaries of Dror and some other Zionist organization would come to the orphanage, and children would agree to go to Israel. I didn't want to let Wladek go, but he told me he was going. Stefa was in France then and I hoped that she'd keep him, but he didn't want to. He met his future wife, Linka, in the orphanage. In Israel Wladek was in a kibbutz, he worked very hard with bananas. 


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