Wacek Kornblum’s aunt Chana Tygiel

This is my stepmom’s sister, Chana. This picture was taken in Vienna, in 1920s.

Some time around 1929 Dad got married the second time, to Lonia - Lea, maiden name Mileband and she became my mom. Out of parents of Mom Lonia I only remember Grandmother, we called her Bube Gele, Grandma Gele. 

Grandma Gele lived at the same yard as we did on 42 Sliska Street, at Mom's sister's, Chana. Her daughter Stefa used to write in all official paper's that her mother's name was Helena. The same wrote my brother in his book. But it isn't true, her name was Chana. Aunt used to wear a wig and ran a religious house, but Aunt's children absolutely did not; they were not religious.


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