Samuil Rabinovich's badges and ring

These are the honorary badges and signet ring that my maternal great-grandfather Samuil Rabinovich received for decades of dedicated service to the 'Russian Insurance Company.' These and other relics survived thanks to Aunt Ida Solomonovna from Leningrad, who became the main archivist of our family. My family settled in Kraslava by the beginning of the 19th century, when Zalman Rabinovich was invited to become the local rabbi by Count Plater. The Platers attracted Jews to the area, both for trade and for crafts. They treated Jews very well and were very loyal. Zalman Rabinovich had two sons - Abram-Tuvia (Tobias) and Samuil. Both sons followed the progressive Jewish movement known as Haskalah. Both sons were extremely devoted to education, knowledge and the study of secular sciences. They no longer adhered to traditional Jewish religion. Both brothers are my great-grandfathers.