Isaak Rabinovich's student identity card

This is the student identity card of my father, Isaak Rabinovich. My father first entered the Latvian University in Riga in 1927. His studies were interrupted in June 1941, and he did not pass his graduation exams until after he was demobilized in August 1945. When the war began, my parents were lucky to evacuate to Russia on June 27, 1941, to the city of Kirov. My mother, Dora, was pregnant with me then. We were assigned to the village of Uni, far from the railway line. Father was given a position of mathematics teacher in the local school. In August, Latvian military regiments were being formed. Father was in artillery. On one mission, Father was wounded and sent to hospital. While he was recovering, a doctor saw him reading a book on physics. The doctor asked Father if he could maintain X-ray and other equipment. There were very few experts capable of maintaining that sort of equipment at that time. Father immediately agreed, and he was transferred to a military-medical unit, where he quickly became an expert technician. His further service was connected with military-medical units. He was dismissed from service in the rank of senior lieutenant. Father studied mathematics and became a scientific researcher at the astrophysics laboratory of the Academy of Sciences. Father was an outstanding popularizer of mathematical and astronomical knowledge for wide circles of population. He is the author of 186 written works.