Ber Alperovich and family

This is my maternal grandfather Ber Alperovich with some of his children and grandchildren. He had three sons and three daughters - one was my mother, Dora (Dvoira) Rabinovich, nee Alperovich. The Alperovich family had their roots in the Polish-Belarusian town of Postavy. The older brother, Ovsei Alperovich, settled in Riga at the beginning of the 20th century. In the early 1920s, during an economic upsurge, three Alperovich brothers had settled in Riga - Ovsei, Ber and Natan. They organized a joint venture - a small wholesale company to supply flour and all other necessities to bakeries. Small private bakeries were a rather widespread phenomenon on the whole territory of Latvia. And that firm was called Abonat, the abbreviation from the names of the three brothers - Ovsei, Boris, Natan. My mother worked for them as a shop assistant and she handled their business documents. My parents met because they each were friendly with Vladimir Feigman. My father met Feigman at the university. Feigman took a great interest in photography, and his friends helped him develop snapshots. My mother and father became acquainted in a blacked-out room, printing photos, in the fall of 1939.