Ruth Greif and friends

This is a photo taken in the synagogue here, in Brasov, in the 1940s, after the war. Rabbi Deutsch - you can see him in the photo - did something for a group of girls, I was among them as well, which was called confirmation, like it is for the Hungarians. It's the exact equivalent of bat mitzvah, but I don't know why everybody referred to it as confirmation back then. We were a group of girls, of different ages, and the ceremony took place in the synagogue with the rabbi. Each of us had to know by heart a prayer in Hebrew on that occasion. I am the third from the right in this photo; the others are: the girl, first from the left, was Eva Feiler, and her sister was Vera Feiler, you can see her, she is the second from the right. Eva died, but Vera is still alive. She lives in Israel. I visited her 6 years ago [in 1998], when I went to Israel. The first from the right is Piri, Paraschiva Hubert, another friend of mine. The girl fourth from the right is Vera Marmorstein, another friend of mine who lives in Israel now. I don?t know who the girl, third from left is, but the second from the right is Tamara Izsak. She is an eye doctor who lives in Israel now as well.