Carol Ionel Greif and governess

Thebaby in this photo is my husband, Carol Ionel Greif, and the woman was his fraulein [governess]. The photo was taken in Cernauti in the 1920s. Carol was a Jew from Cernauti, and older than me, he was born there in 1923. He studied at two universities. He studied languages - he knew six or seven languages - and he studied chemistry by correspondence at a university in Belgium. He and his family suffered a lot during World War II. They were in the ghetto in Cernauti. When the Germans came, his father, Leo Greif, was taken hostage. After he came back, he was forced to move from his house, and leave everything there, and share a miserable house with several other families. That's why they came to Romania when they could, in 1946. I met my husband in the social circles in Brasov before I left for university. He had quite a reputation with women, but to me he was friendly and he often took me out to the theater, behaved like a gentleman and joked that when I grew up he would marry me.