Janos Fleischer

This boy here was my first love, Janos - or Jancsi - Fleischer. He gave me this photo when he left for university to Cluj Napoca, and we had to break up. It says on the back of the photo: ?From the times we were children and lived without worries, to my sincerest friend. Time goes by, and children become grown-ups. Jancsi?. I was allowed to go out with friends and also with boys, when I was 15 or 16, only that my mother, Paraschiva Goldsmann, didn't allow me to stay out later than 9pm. I was a bit precocious from this point of view, but not in the way the word is understood today. When I was 13, Janos Fleischer, who also a Jew, courted me, he was 14; that was my first big true love, platonic, of course, and it lasted for many years, until he left for university to Cluj [Napoca] to become a doctor. He was the most handsome boy in town, and all the girls were crazy about him. We broke up when he left, he was 18 or 19, but we remained good friends. He used to write to me, and his parents were my godparents when I got married.