Mr. Mutzel

This is my aunt Margareta Mutzel's husband. She was my father Bela Goldstein's sister and she married a Jew. Mutzel was his surname, but I don?t remember his first name. I think the photo was taken in Sibiu in the 1940s. He was from Poland, but I think he studied in Bucharest, where he became an engineer. Aunt Margareta lived with him in Bucharest first. They had two daughters. After the war [World War II], I don't know when exactly, they moved to Poland, to Wroclaw, and he became the rector of the university there. I remember that they used to say to my father that even after the war, anti-Semitism in Poland was very strong, and that's why they always hid the fact that they were Jews; not even their daughters knew that. I don't know if they were religious or not. Margareta died in Poland in the 1980s. Her husband died some time before her, but I don?t know exactely when. I don?t think he was buried in a Jewish cemetery because he always wanted to keep the fact that he was a Jew secret.