Moses Rosen

This is Moses Rosen [Chief Rabbi of Romania and the president of the Association of Jewish Religious Communities during communism]. The picture was taken on Chanukkah, in the synagogue of Marosvasarhely. By that time Moses Rosen was the Chief Rabbi in Romania. On Chanukkah he used to visit different towns where Chanukkah was observed in the synagogues. Mr. Rosen called this tour Chanukkiade, and he went on it every year. On each visit he made a speech and talked about the importance of the holidays. He used to make quite long speeches, and the trip itself had to be exhausting, as well, because he visited the communities of three or four towns every day. He wasn't that young by then, but he could take it and did it. There were times he came with his wife, but not always. He was always accompanied by people from Bucharest, so he didn't come alone, but with several cars, like a caravan. The visits were always announced in advance. For these holidays friends of Jews were also invited, so there weren?t only Jews were in the synagogue.

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