Jeno Moskovits' application for employment as a teacher

Jeno Moskovits' application for employment as a teacher

This is my father Jeno Moskovits’ handwriting. He wrote this request to the management of the school in Marosvasarhely when he applied for a vacancy. He taught in Zilah until then. He wrote:

'Highly-respected School Board!

The undersigned hereby turns with respectful request to the Highly-respected School Board to ask you to select me for one of the teacher job opportunities you have at your school. Allow me to present the following in support of my request:

1. The certified copy of my diploma in Annex A) certifies my education. I graduated from the National Jewish Training School in 1909 with flying colors.

My diploma was nostrificated on 24th May 1921 in Szamosujvar. [Editor’s note:

When he graduated, it was still under the authority of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, but in 1918 it became Romania and the diploma wasn't accepted, so in 1921 he had to pass some acceptance exams and thus his diploma was accepted in Romania.]

2. The copies of testimonials, included in annexes B), C), D) and E), from the Jewish community schools of Szolnok, Pest, Felsoszopor and Zilah are certifying my efficient operation.

3. I gave up my boys' orphanage teacher job at the Jewish community of Pest to continue my studies, and then, during the war, I served on the field and was discharged as reserve lieutenant.

4. I was a teacher at the ungraded school in Zilah since its establishment, and despite the countless difficulties the Jewish schools have to overcome, I managed to make it into a flourishing institution.

Mr. Sandor Pap, assistant school commissioner, presiding as ministerial commissioner at this year's graduation exams, expressed his utter satisfaction regarding the results of our students.

5. I possess proper expertise in the Hebrew and Romanian languages. In our school, too, in the lower two grades classes were in Hebrew and Romanian, and in the higher two, beside the Hungarian accessory language, there were intensive Romanian and Hebrew language classes.

6. My personal data are: age 32, married for 3 years and I have a one-year-old son.

7.My payment expectation: 3,000 lei, that is, three thousand lei, and an apartment, respectively the corresponding rent. A teacher can only be efficient if - as far as possible - disburdened by material difficulties.

I invite you to match my payment expectation with the tremendous work a Jewish teacher has to carry out in order to properly fulfill his duty.

In case you select me I will do my best to make the children you will entrust me to acquire the practical knowledge, and to educate them to be self-respecting and good Jews, who will be at all times useful members of the human society.

With my renewed request yours very truly, Jeno Moskovits, teacher,

Zilah, Eroilor Street 28
11th August 1923.'

[Editor’s note: The apartment was there, he probably requested the answer to be sent there.]

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