Jeno Moskovits' letter to the Military Management in Budapest

Jeno Moskovits' letter to the Military Management in Budapest

My father wrote this letter to the Military Archives Management in Budapest on 10th March 1943. It reads:

'To the Highly-respected Military Archives Management in Budapest.
The undersigned turns to the Highly-respected Management with the respectful request for issuing a certificate regarding my military service in the war, based on the data below.

My civilian profession is denominational principal-teacher. I'm currently requesting my community, which runs the school, to include the war period into my years of service as teacher. In order to achieve that, however, I need an official certificate about my military service. Taking into consideration the fact that the archives of the 12th army infantry regiment from Szatmar regarding the World War [I] got lost during the foreign occupation, I'm turning to the Highly-respected Management with my request. If the resolution of this request may need filling out of an official form, I'm respectfully asking you to send it to me. Until then I can provide you the following data:

Name: Jeno Moskovits. Place and date of birth: Kiralydaroc, Szatmar County, 1st May 1891. Enlisted on: 15th May 1915 in Eger into the reserve battalion of the 12th army infantry regiment, and I was sent to the front on 26th July 1915 with the 13th battalion-on-the-march. My fixed assignment on the front was: 12th army infantry regiment, 5th company. Until my injury on 25th May 1917 I was on the (Russian and Italian) front non-stop, and after my recovery I did my military services at the line communications (Gemona, Italy) right until the end. I was discharged on 3rd December 1918 in Szatmar as reserve lieutenant.

In hope of fulfilling my request I remain yours truly Jeno Moskovits, principal-teacher.
Address: Marosvasarhely, Bela King St. 3.'

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