The Deutsch textile store

This is the store the Deutschs, my husband's family, owned in Szaszregen. One can see the name-board: Haimann Lazar Deutsch. The primary owner was Gyula's father, Samuel Deutsch, and Haimann Lazar was probably his partner, but I don't exactly know the connection between them. Maybe it is Gyula's father who is standing in the door. The picture was probably taken before World War II, but I don't know when. My husband's family lived both in Szaszregen and in Marosvasarhely. They were wealthy; they owned a textile store in Szaszregen, which was founded by Gyula's grandparents at the end of the 1880s. They also had a store here in Marosvasarhely. This branch - which was on the main square, on the corner of Posta Street, where the Bernady statue stands today - was opened much later and was closed quite early, because they hired a manager who couldn't manage it properly. The textile store in Szaszregen was a corner house, and it still exists. The building was rearranged many times. During World War II at first the German commandment operated from there, and then the Russians, when the tables turned. In 1948 it was nationalized, and the store housed the Commercial State Company, which I worked for in Marosvasarhely. The store in Regen was the local branch of the company in Marosvasarhely. It operated for quite long and I don't know when exactly it was closed. Upstairs there were inhabitants and some offices, I think. Previously Gyula's family lived upstairs. During World War II they were taken to Auschwitz and didn't return. When Gyula returned from forced labor, he initially moved in there, then he moved to Marosvasarhely in 1950. Currently the building accommodates the law-court of Szaszregen.

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