Mico and Mari Alvo introducing a friends' daughter to high society

This is a picture from a ball. Second from right is Rina Revah.

Second from left is Aleka Papadopoulou. Her parents had entrusted us to introduce her to high society.

Her father Evangelos Papadopoulos was the General Director of the Custom's House of Thessaloniki. Before the war used to live next to uncle Daniel's house and thus, they got to know us.

During the war whenever there was a air raid, they used to go to my uncle's air raid shelter.

After the war, we had a lot of business contacts, so we got to know each other very well. They had an only daughter. His wife, ms. Aglaia used to tell us, "You are the only ones I trust to introduce her to high society".

Indeed, that's what we did. Aleka also used to come very often to our home whenever we held a party.

After the war, we hardly had any Jewish friends. We had acquaintances, but not friends. I can say that most of our very good friends were Christians.

Photos from this interviewee