Mico Alvo and a friend in Cape Town

This picture is taken at a beach in Cape Town. The girl is a mulatto.

She was a very beautiful young girl with whom I hung together. Women in South Africa were so easy.

In Cape Town we mainly had practice on air navigation. There were many women soldiers in the army then. English and South African. I had a sexual -complete- relationship with a girl in South Africa.

What impressed us when we came to South Africa, was that we found the ethics to be there as they are here today. The girls there were completely free. Some of us that were smart, realized it quickly.

For me, it was something that I couldn't imagine. I went out with girls from the army, or others. You would enter a shop for example to buy something, and you would start a conversation.

And you would go out at night with them, but I never imagined that we could take it further. Because we still had the attitude that we would dishonor the girl, while they were….

In South Africa they accepted that girls of seventeen or eighteen years old could have sex without getting married. So, we would go out and kiss and hug and maybe slip our hands sometimes, but that was it. Nothing more.

While they were available, they must have thought that we were fools. Because we thought that if you had sex with a girl, you had to marry her straight away. That was the attitude at the time.

I remember there was a friend of ours that was seriously wounded. He was a seaman bomber, and he was teaching us how to hang the bombs under the airplane.

He made one move that he shouldn't have done, and the bomb exploded. And it burned his whole foot, all of it. He stayed in the hospital in South Africa for five or six months.

With the nurses there he had a great time, even though he looked terrible.

He was a handsome man. He was very masculine and handsome and had really good manners. When he came back from the hospital, he told us all about the great time he had with the nurses.

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