Mico and Mari Alvo with Frieda and Jacques Saltiel

This picture is taken at a ball. These are our friends, Frieda (second from right), and Jacques Saltiel (first from right).

They were from Thessaloniki, but were living in Canada. Jacques Saltiel's family had a grocery in Emporiou Square.

During the war, they escaped to the Middle East. Frieda and Jacques got married in Israel, came back to Thessaloniki and then left for Canada.

After we got married Mari didn't work. She got really bored because she didn't know people from Thessaloniki and our friends at that time were quite older than us. That was until we met more people of our age.

At that time everyone wanted to take the Holocaust out of their minds. They were very sad memories. Even with my Jewish friends we spoke about it very rarely. I was friends with many Jews, but very rarely did we speak about the occupation and things like that.

With Mari of course we spoke about it, necessarily. Because when we went to the house that we lived, I would tell her this was my parents' room, this was Danny's room, and this was my sisters' room.

She told me her story of how they survived and I told her all my misfortune and how they had taken our house.

In the period after the war we went to the cinema very often. We would also go to concerts when there was something good, or to the theatre every now and then, but mainly to the cinema.

We weren't subscribers anywhere, for example at the State Theatre of Northern Greece, where you could go and watch all the plays.

When we were interested on the play, we would go. But we met many times in houses with our friends. Or, we would go out and eat together in a tavern.

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