Alvo Mico with a fellow officer in Athens

Alvo Mico with a fellow officer in Athens

This picture is taken in Athens after returning from the Middle East. The man on the left was an air navigator as well.

They had sent us to the Air Force Police Office. We had a motorcycle and patrolled around Athens. I stayed at the Air Force Police Office for about four months.

We came back to Athens from Palestine on a ship. The "Aksou". I met a Cypriot girl there and we hade a romance. She was a very nice girl. She was from a good family, her father was a District Attorney. We wrote to each other for a while afterwards. Later she came as a student to Athens.

We arrived in Athens at the end of 1944, because they didn't bring anyone back from the Middle East while the December events were taking place.

Our unit was stationed at the end of Patision Road. They sent me to the Ministry of Aviation, to the Bureau issuing clothing passes for the officers. It was an office work.

In fact, the non commissioned officer who was with me was Kostas Karazisis, whom I knew from the YMCA summer camp. For three months we had a very good time together.

After that, they sent me to the Air Force Police Office. It was on Academias Street, where I was very often the officer on duty. I was responsible for the change of the night shifts.

Aunt Daisy lived right behind our office building. I used to sleep in the office, but whenever I was free I would go there. As soon as I would finish my duty, I would at her place. I used to eat there.

All that was at the beginning of 1945. I stayed in Athens for almost a year. I was dismissed in 1946. I served for three full years.

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