Menahem Josifov

This is a picture of my husband Menahem Josifov with the yellow star on his chest. The photo was taken in Byala Slatina where he was interned in the 1940s. My husband's father, Israel Menahem, was an important egg merchant - he exported production wholesale to Austria. He lived in the town of Pleven. There was such a concurrence of circumstances that he went bankrupt and died. His family moved to Sofia in 1935. They rented a lodging in the town and started to work. The Jewish choir was a meeting place for young Jews. My husband and I met each other in the choir of the synagogue where we both used to sing. I married him on 30th June 1945. Our marriage was one of the first civil marriages in Sofia. Our love lasted and we waited for several years for each other while we were interned from Sofia. My family was interned in Kjustendil and his in the town of Byala Slatina in North Bulgaria. My husband was sent to a forced labor camp close to the town. He worked on road construction. His work was very hard. His family lived a very miserable life there. I did my best to help my future husband's family and sent them parcels with food and clothes.